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Wouldn’t you just like to add a little bit of personality to your upcoming wedding day? Having a customized wedding can add more thrill and uniqueness to the big day, especially if the theme is not quite common, like sports themed weddings. Sports themed weddings have been opted not only by those who love sports, but also by those who like their guests to remember them as a unique couple and be talked for a few years because of the unique theme. If these are your goals, here are the perfect ways on how to achieve it:

Set enough time for the big day – It isn’t easy to have a themed wedding day, particularly if you like to do everything on your own from planning to booking to organizing to decorating. While opting for a wedding planner may deliberately lower your stress, it may still be more exciting if you just let the planner assist and you still take charge of everything. For any themed wedding, it is necessary that you have time allowance that’s long enough to let you choose the best cake, favor, décor, and the likes, that harmonize with the whole theme.

Choose the right spot – Sports themed wedding venues are aplenty. It could be a basketball court, a golf course, a gym, and just about any place where your favorite game is played. There’ve been a lot of couples who rented arenas and gyms for their wedding. On the one hand, you can still have a sports themed wedding day without necessarily finding a sports related venue. You can wed at the beach or any indoor area, but filled with sports-related decors which can range from basketball-inspired centerpieces or ice hockey inspired cake. Create every opportunity to make your guests see that the event is a sports-themed event and not just any conventional marriage.

To wear or not to wear – This refers to bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, tie and suits, and everything else that conventional, white and church weddings would look like. In this case, every party should agree. There are a lot of women who would never want to give up this once in a lifetime opportunity to wear a piece that’ll make them look heavenly – a wedding dress. However, some would go the extra mile by ditching the gowns and the suits into jerseys. You need to clarify this aspect to your partner to avoid misunderstandings.

Consider your budget – Not all sports themed weddings are pricey. In fact, it always depends on a couple whether or not to go a frugal wedding. There are many ways of tying the knot and realizing its theme without breaking the bank. Come on, your savings for a one-layer hockey ring inspired cake is far more important than breaking your bank for a three layer basketball and hockey inspired cake, right?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFew days left and another month marks the start of summer season. When it comes to that, it is now the right time for you to start looking for the perfect destination for a summer vacation. Naturally, you will see lots of ads which are showcasing the different things that you will enjoy in their place. However, you can still choose to decide on what place to visit this summer; whether it will be out of town or just in your place.

Normally, most of the people who wanted to have a harmonious vacation on summer start their search online with the best places to visit. Most of the time also they book their reservations first into the resorts or hotel in which they will be staying. Thus, to make a smooth sailing summer vacation, you can also do the same by looking for the ideal places as destinations this summer, and here are some of the places I can show you.


  1. Boracay Island Philippines. When you wish to visit other countries, include your search list with this beautiful place which is bless with the finest resort to love. Boracay Island is one of the most popular summer destinations in the Philippines. In this place, you can have the chance to enjoy different resorts and beaches. There are also lots of Philippines souvenirs that you will surely love and which you will only find in the country. Thus, when you wish to have the best summer getaway, get the chance of experiencing summer straight from Boracay.

  2. Grand Canyon in Arizona. If you want a summer trip that is something educational and would benefit for your family, then visiting the Grand Canyon in Arizona would also be an ideal choice for your summer vacation. Most of the thousands of tourists all over the world do not miss to see the widest canyon gorge in Arizona. Aside from seeing the most popular canyon, you can also enjoy water rafting into their wide river. Hiking along the canyon is one of the spectacular thing that you can do right there.

  3. Eiffel Tower in Paris. Anyone would wish to visit the most romantic place in the world and for which known as the city of love. When it comes to that, Eiffel Tower is the perfect destination for couples who wish to enjoy summer vacation together and see the entire beauty of the city as well.

In the world of entertainment and spots, marriages and hook-ups are being followed by avid fans. Hence, even the most discreet and smallest wedding ceremony of Andre Agassi or Tom Brady, the world still has ways on how to see it. Nevertheless, isn’t it great to see the lucky partners of some of the most gorgeous men and women in the world of sports?

Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki

Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki – This is the tandem of the world’s top golfer meets the Danish tennis star. The two met at the boxing match in Germany and became inseparable after then. They’ve been dating for 18 months and rumors swirl that they’re already engaged but neither of them confirmed about it.

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker – Andy Roddick (30) the face of the American tennis for most of the 21st century and Brooklyn Decker (25) an American fashion model and actress who was recognized in her appearances in swimsuit magazines, started their affair through the help of Andy’s agent, who gave Brooklyn’s number to the former. They eventually got married on 2009. Three years after, Roddick put an end to his career during the 2012 US Open.

Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece

Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece – Laird Hamilton, the surfer meets Gabrielle Reece, a professional volleyball player in 1995 and got married on 1997. On 1996, his not just a surfer but a celebrity as well, he started his modelling career and has been invited into several TV shows. Thanks to their good genes, they also make a good team in the modelling industry.

Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf

Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf – Dubbed as royal couple in the world of tennis, both champs in their own field, have formally met in the 1999 French Open Champions ball and started dating after that. They tied a knot on October 22, 2001 with only their mothers as witnesses. Four days after, Graf gave birth to a baby boy named Jaden.

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham

Finally, we have English couple David Beckham and Victoria Beckham or Posh of Spice. The list would never be complete without them, and we bet you would also agree with us. The couple started dating in 1997 discreetly by dining out, watching movies, and club hopping, and nothing really fancy. They were engaged on January 25, 1998 and donated their engagement cake to a fund raising event for Goostrey Community Primary School in Cheshire. They were married a year after – July 4, 1999. With the successful careers they both possess, the couple is worth 125 million pounds. Also, they are one of the strongest marriages in the entertainment and sports industry to date.

These 5 gorgeous couples serve as inspirations to young aspiring athletes as their popularity neither hindered them nor affected their relationship. Their love story should inspire budding partnerships in the said industry.


617043.TIFMost of the people nowadays are getting sporty since this is their only way of making their leisure time worthwhile and as well as to maintain he fitness of their body. When it comes to sports, anyone can choose to engage with both indoor and outdoor sports. These things will give you worthwhile time as you also enjoy playing your game. However, when it comes to sports, most of the choices of many are those outdoor sports. Many people nowadays are getting adventurous and therefore, most of the sports-minded individuals nowadays are engaged with outdoor activities.

There are now different kinds of sports for outdoor venue and all you have to do is to choose one or more that you can participate in during your vacant time. Outdoor sports are also available for both adult and kids and here are some of the types of sports that you and your family can enjoy.

  1. ATV Racing. This is one of the most popular outdoor sports for adults. This is the kind of sports where players will ride into an ATV vehicle and will have a race on the racing trail. There are now various styles and types of ATV vehicle also that you can purchase if you wish to learn the sport. All you have to do is to learn it first with your own, before you participate in any racing contest. For more information about this sport, you can check it out here,
  2. Biking. This is also another sport that both kids and adult can enjoy. All you have to do is to learn how to bike and enjoy the game right away. Dirt bikes will give you so much fun as you ramp into certain obstacles while having the biking at the trail. However, make sure to have a complete protective gear while doing the said sport.
  3. Soccer. This is another game that is perfect activities outdoor for both adult and children. With soccer, you can also have the best of your time enjoying the game. In playing soccer game, all you have to do is to prepare yourself with a complete warm up. This is important to give your body the power to sustain and endure while playing.

These are some of the best kinds of sports for outdoor events that you can participate with. Thus, choose the best sport and enjoy it every day.

pacquiao-ko-marquezHe  is one of the most popular and reveres filmmakers in Hollywood, the director whom everyone go for when it comes to weird, wacky, and kinda dark films. A lot of thanks to his most recent movie, “Frankenweenie,” a nominee for Best Animated Feature in this year’s Oscar which may lead Tim Burton to finally become an Oscar-winning film-maker.

To those who do not really know Tim Burton, he is the creator of the movies, “Big Fish,” “Batman (1989),” “Sweeney Todd: The Demon barber of Fleet Street,” “Sleepy Hollow,” and “Alice in Wonderland.” All of these won the Oscar for the category of Best Art Direction.

SL0019_500pxWith all of these nominations for his films, he has never been nominated for the Best Director Category and not one of his works has been nominated for the category of Best Picture.

With all honesty, the chances of “Frankenweenie” to win the Oscar is sort of slim, especially when it is placed against its more celebrated contenders like “Brave” and “Wreck-It Ralph.” On the other hand, if the judges will base it on the sheer excellence in filmmaking, “Frankenweenie” will surely have a huge shot in this. Burton proves that his old grove can be resurrected through his lucrative movies, “Alice in Wonderland” and his experimental film that turned out really successful, “Dark Shadows.” Although Burton fails to recapture his glory days in fearless creativity in movies such as “Beetlejuice” and “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, his recent Oscar-nominated film “Frankenweenie” reminds the viewer about his marvelous early chapters in his a career in filmmaking.

The down side of this animated tale of a boy who scientifically resurrected his deceased dog is that the Academy might find the movie too strange, although the black and white color of the film may remind the jury of the Best Picture last year. Who knows? Lightning could probably strike the same place twice in the case of Burton.