Bad Credit Mobile Application Tips

For decades, we have helped thousands of other customers secure a mobile contract despite bad credit rating. We have compiled the following information that we have acquired throughout the years in order to help secure success on your mobile applications as well.

Pay Your Bills on Time

The very first place to start working on is your payment behaviour. This is the area that providers will take a look at first. Seeing tons of late payments in your records can certainly be a deal breaker for most networks, so make sure you update your payment history and keep up with your other obligations.

Do Not Send Multiple Applications

Another factor that put many providers off is when you send too many applications at a time. For them, it could mean a sign of despair or a sign that you’re planning fraud ahead. No matter what, it’s always safe to leave at least six months in between your applications, and send them only one at a time.

Do Not Pick the Newest Handset

The newest handsets in the market are definitely more expensive and more in demand than the others which fall at low to mid-range. Therefore, providers reserve these types of gadgets to those applicants with impressive credit rating, to avoid the risk of you running away after getting the phone that you want.

As you can see, it is definitely important to establish trust first. You need to assure your provider that you’re not going to run away from them. Applying for cheaper handsets make sense in the beginning, as you can always upgrade in the future once you’ve won over their trust.

Have Your Name Enlisted on the Electoral Roll

This one has something more to do with proving your identity, which can greatly impact your application. If you are registered on the electoral roll, this gives them more assurance that you are who you say you are.

Opt for a SIM Only Deal

SIM only contracts do not have any handsets included and so providers are not much worried even if you run away. They are more than willing to provide these types of deals to those high-risk applicants. Furthermore, the beauty of SIM only contracts is that you can experience all the convenience as with any regular mobile contract, only that the terms are much more flexible and the tariffs much cheaper.

Look for a Guarantor

Finally, if everything else failed, perhaps you can ask for someone’s help to become your guarantor. A guarantor is supposed to be someone with good credit rating who will vouch that you are going to make the repayments, and they will also sign and agree to take over your responsibilities should you fail. This gives the networks more assurance and confidence that they can collect the monthly dues no matter what.