How it Works?

It is actually very easy to obtain your new mobile contract here at Black Ghosts Phones!

Step 1: Fill Out Our Form

In order for us to help you out, we suggest you submit your contact details through our quick, 30-second form. We will review the information you provide us with and then match these against the available offers to find out what suits you the most.

Step 2: Choose Your Phone

After obtaining enough details from you, we will automatically show you the best results that match your situation. Pick the phone that you like most from the list of the recommended offers!

Step 4: Choose Your Tariffs

After selecting your desired phone model, choose the amount of credits you want included. Feel free to adjust the numbers based on your needs and monthly budget. It’s all very quick, easy, and flexible!

How Much Does It Cost?

Our service is totally FREE! There’s no cost of any kind involved when applying through our site. In fact, in many cases you may even be able to save cash by going through us, because we have access to some of the exclusive discounts which our partners offer from time to time.

What if I got disapproved?

While no one can back up your application with a 100% claim, with our help, chances of disapproval is very minimal! This is because we study your needs and personal situation first before matching you with any of the recommended offers. We’ve also made sure that the offers we show you are the ones which have the highest acceptance rates for others as well, to make sure that it will be very easy for you to qualify!

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