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Thank you for trusting us with your bad credit mobile concerns. If you came here to our site, chances are you have been looking to apply for a mobile contract, but having bad credit made the application process a lot challenging for you. If that’s the case, don’t worry, because you are not alone! There are thousands of other consumers who have been going through the same difficulty and whom we have helped to obtain the mobile contract that suits their needs. If you want to join others who became successful in their quest for bad credit mobile phones, simply submit your contact details through our quick application form, and we’ll send you your FREE quote instantly!

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We are an established company specialising in finding bad credit mobile phone contracts for people with credit problems and couldn’t qualify for a deal anywhere else. We compare hundreds of products and have helped thousands of other applicants through ContractPhones121, which is why we are considered an authority when it comes to finding bad credit mobile phones.

The problem with applying all by yourself is that you don’t have any idea which types of deals are advisable for you. As a result, you tend to apply for the first few offers that you see, or even get distracted with the types of phones included vs. the actual value of the deal. On the other hand, applying through Black Ghosts Phones ensures that you can obtain a deal that is right for you, and most importantly, limit the chances of your getting denied.

Not only that, but we compare all products side by side so that you can choose a deal that is suitable for your needs and budget. This means you can finally have a new contract phone without breaking the bank!